पिताम्बर की चादर ओढे,

शीत ऋतु की यह रात|

अपने प्रीतम के इंतज़ार मे,
सांसो की चढती गिरती आवाज़ |
नैन मे शिव सा चेहरा बसे,
ओझल हो बाकी समा |
धढ़कन एक ही नाम जपे,
मनपट्ट पर लिखा उस मोहन का नाम |


शाम में घुलती यह लाल स्याही
आस्मां के चादर में सिमटती यह शीतल हवा,
मधुर स्वरों की माला पिरोती
रात की ऊँगली पकड़ अपनी ऒर खींचती।

रंगों के बिखरते यह मोती
सितारों के काफिलों के इंतज़ार में
चंद्रमा की बाहों में सिमटने को बेक़रार
अपने प्रियतम के लिए बेक़रार।


In the crushed desires I see
burning embers of a hope that still exists
Exists to guide me to help me move forward
Yes, I have fallen and yes I have fought
and yet you see what is gone is not really lost

In the churning wheels of time ,I have given my all
Though my efforts have been ground to fine sand
I make castles out of this and continue to soar
To soar and to dream
To not forget how to believe.

In the autumn’s golden leaves
In the green lush fields
In the cool raindrops that soak
In the beautiful sea that flows
I continue to see light
Which always brighten up my nights

In the shadows of the darkness that play
I see figures that will guide me
Holding a torch in their hand
In this burning world
Creating a veil, being my sanctuary.


Rajasthan is a tourist’s paradise.
Filled with friendly people,beautiful monuments and color  all round ,it a good place to be.
You can go around just travelling through barren landscapes and trust me even that will be really enjoyable!
I recently went to a place called Osian near the city of Jodhpur.
It has a beautiful temple which is said to be 3000 years old.
The temple was not very crowded and had a very nice feel to it.Me and my family spent an hour there just sitting and enjoying the peaceful ambience.
But the best part of this whole outing was eating in the temple Bhojnalaya(eating place).No it had none of the fancy tables,beautiful lighting and smartly dressed servers.What it had was instead tables in lines,steel plates with two bowls for vegetables and pulses and people insisting that you over stuff yourself with the simple yet delicious food.
Here women can be seen grounding fresh cardamom.

You can imagine what the food tasted like when the spices were so fresh!

Once we got out of the temple the streets were lined with vendors.It is a sight common outside temples or mosques or any religious place in India.Vendors who will try the utmost to sell their wares at the most outrageous prices!But even if you do not buy anything you can still enjoy the vibrant colors on display.They are a treat to the eyes and make you wish that you had eyes on the back of your head too.

Here in the picture is seen what we commonly call pakodas or bhajiyas.
Vegetables dripped in gram flour batter and then fried, they taste like little drops of heaven.Eat them with tomato ketchup or the more traditional tamarind chutney,you can enjoy them in your own way.


Food qualifies as my most favourite part of travelling.Going to different places and tasting the native cuisines is an all time loved hobby of mine.

After leaving the temple we drove in the search of sand dunes which were supposedly ‘nearby’.
What we ended up doing was instead taking a detour of 20km inside some barren village and landing in the midst of nowhere.

After a lot of asking around and a scare of the fuel being insufficient we went on further to cover 20kilometres to reach a place called Bhikhamkhot.There we found peace.
Here we found sand dunes which had not been touched by the vast throngs of tourists which seem to cover every part of Rajasthan.They were devoid of kids throwing chips wrappers on the grounds,Aunties throwing newspapers in which they had wrapped their alu ka paranthas and Fat uncles throwing plastic water bottles,albeit conscientiously after crushing them.

Here what laid were instead gorgeously patterned dunes.Natural windswept waves covering them,untrodden.

As we turned back to leave we looked back at those sand dunes hoping that they remained like this for some time atleast.
Offering other lost tourists their chance to see this natural beauty in its own full glory.