Well there is nothing special as such  to tell…!
I am an engineering student in one of the “Premiere engineering institutes of India’
My life just like most of the students in their revolves around studies,Friends ,heart break etc…

My blog will possibly be just random ramblings 😀


7 thoughts on “About

  1. fivereflections

    I love your header photo – so beautiful
    Have you decided your engineering major?
    You are an excellent writer and poet –
    What inspired you to become an engineering student?

    David in Maine USA

    1. Thank you so much sir..
      I will be graduating in bioengineering..
      Science and maths have always been my most favourite subjects!Thats why i decided to opt for engineering..

  2. Laxman

    Thank you for the wonderful descriptive story about Shiva.
    The one about Brahma, Savitri and Gayatri was unique. Never heard of that.
    I did my own Pooja, Mindfulness Meditation and worship and fasting for Shivratri, 27.2.2014 whilst doing my Masters. I stayed awake, reading about Lord Shiva and yours made me smile. Thanks again. God bless.

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