I have been staring at this screen for a long time. My fingers hovering over the keyboard – hoping for a stroke of inspiration. An inspiration which would enable me to write words of beauty, words which would touch deep the souls of people and transfer my inspiration to them.

But all I got are sleepy eyes, a muddled head and a blank slate where there should have been life changing, quote-worthy words. I open my Facebook page on another tab and scroll through as If i expect something exceptional to have happened in the last 5 minutes since I checked in last.

I am not suffering from writer’s block. Just suffering from a “block” in my mind. A wall that is inhibiting any positive thought or any vigor in my life. I find happiness in small things- laugh with people,try to work efficiently even go out at times. But the fact remains that my mind feels like it is in a haze all the time. There is something missing – some secret ingredient (In spite of what Kung Fu Panda taught us).
Maybe it is the lack of direction or just some sort of young adult age angst. Maybe I see people around me achieving things and feel insufficient or maybe I just don’t know what I want to achieve.
And here comes the Facebook tab again.


One thought on “Haze

  1. I randomly came across this just now! I feel exactly the same way. Was just thinking of something inspirational to write but kept opening Facebook every two mins:p Still waiting for the stroke of inspiration to write something 😦

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