I know its been a really long time since i last blogged!But i have been just so busy after getting back to college.
New semester.New hopes.

Here is something that came to my mind today 🙂



आपका हर लफ्ज़ गज़ल लगता है हमें
इस तरह से बेज़ुबान करता है हूमें
की इस कुदरत की फ़ितरत मे ढूंडते हैं कुछ
जो इस दिल ए नादान की दास्तान से रू आपको रुबरू कराये कुछ

Every word of yours is like poetry to my ears
Somehow leaves me speechless
That in this nature’s essence i search something
Something which will make you aware of my hearts condition.


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