Beauty in unexpected places

Beauty ephemeral or eternal?
Having some set definitions or just in the eye of the beholder?

I am at a place away from home.A place where when I first came at i had no expectations of.But as i sit beside this beautiful river i cannot but feel a deep sense of peace spread through me.

Beauty is such a subtle thing.A sudden change.A cool wind,the soft music of the water flowing,even a sweet memory and suddenly you catch your breath.The water suddenly shines like molten silver,every strand of grass seems to dance.

I don’t have much to write here because i know it is impossible for me to put in words what i see in front of me.As the water starts getting darker and the sky starts displaying various hues of orange the two dragonflies who had been fluttering around me playfully turn to go back home.

I also pick up my pen and notebook and turn to give a last glance behind.And i capture this single strand of grass standing like a lone soldier.


Resilient against the strong wind blowing.
Surrounded by so much obvious beauty around and yet retaining its own charm!

Ephemeral because in that fleeting moment as the wind blew its beauty struck me.Eternal because it will stay with me in my memory forever.

Having the common factor of appeasing me like beauty always does and not being set in any set lines.Undefined because whatever i have written does not even begin to cover what it is truly like.


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