I wrote this poem after talking to a friend who was troubled.Troubled by what he saw around him and troubled by how it should IF it did influence his behavior.
I know the poem slacks off in the end.Mostly because i had so much to say and my mind was overflowing with thoughts.
The questions and the answers both are mine 🙂

To be different or not to be
To lie to myself or to be me

While everyone around me has a smile
That hides a frown,how do i try

To retain your thoughts sanctity
while the world around drowns in insanity

Transfixed by self interest,like a deer caught in headlights
Their thoughts not allowing them to take a flight

Which would let their minds out from the abyss
To get what their crippling perception is making them miss

Where eyes would be open to not just see
But to perceive and feel what should be


As I sit down today to express and write
In words what I,feel is right

I feel lost in how deceptive the mind can be
Creating illusions,challenging every second what you believe

You do question me as to how to behave
So what you believe in is what you say

Let your mind be free
of all the shackles that bound thee

Which stop you from being who you are
May your actions be the impressions of your heart

Accept people for who they are
and how they belong in this world

But do not let it be a cause for your deception..
As bright and wonderful as your heart shines

You do not need to change your perception.


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