Dying words of a lover

The title was inspired by Walter savage landor’s poem “Dying speech of an old philosopher”.
Read the poem if you haven’t 🙂
Happy reading

Passion so encompassing
Ashes left behind the only witness,
Of the fire that burned.

How thy deep eyes took me to realms of desire.

Thy melodious voice
that put the cuckoo’s lilting song to shame.

O fair maiden, how you changed
how my eyes viewed tis world as barren.

Beauty which hath existed for so long
Hidden from my view
By the thick curtain of reality.

Which was suddenly lifted,
only so thy beauty could be compared in the beholders eyes
to decide that none hath the same..
Unparalleled, ethereal.

Never hath words been that shy,before nature brought thee into my vision

All that lays now,
Are the burning embers of unfulfilled wishes.

This swansong i sing,tinged with melancholy of happier times seen

This world i leave with the contentment of having loved
With all i had
This unending horizon,just a glimpse of my passion.



5 thoughts on “Dying words of a lover

  1. It’s nothing much. If you punctuate the poem again I believe what you want to convey will be conveyed more easily. Also in a few places instead of thee thou should have been used. That’s it. 🙂

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