I saw a young like real small girl playing with her mother today.The next thing i know i had tears in my eyes.

I really have no clue 🙂

She was sitting with her mother and playing with her dress.The mother kept scolding her and the girl kept ignoring her.
The mother scolded badly.The girl ran away.

After a while she came back and started doing the same thing all over again.

They just sat beside each other like people who didnt wantto talk to one another but couldnt bear to be apart.

I couldn’t stop smiling.
I still do that with my mom!
Anything that i write about this relation can never ever even begin to come close to what you,me or anyone feels for their mother.

You can hero worship your father but mothers are the one you adore,who is the first expression of the word love for you 🙂

You may fight you may scream you may even stop talking.

But for how long?

Mothers are simply amazing creatures. Resillient i tell you 🙂

“Ma” comes from the first word that a baby speaks

The first word you speak.The first person you see.

An epitome of strength for me not because of any great thing she has done or will do.But just because she is a mother.I don’t need any other reason.


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