I think its human vanity to think that you can read faces.And also to assume that no one can read yours.
How often do you look at a closed ones face and think that Oh yes i know EXACTLY what the other person is thinking!
And how often do you think you are right?

What happened today was that i was having dinner in my hostel mess when i looked up and saw a mess worker’s face.He seemed pretty oblivious to his surroundings or probably the thought of someone paying attention to him hadn’t crossed his mind.
And i swear at that moment i thought i could read his face.
His feelings were so plain on his face.The expression in his eyes totally unguarded.

He looked sad,lost and mostly tired.There seemed to be an air of hopelessness around him.
Suddenly staring at him i felt tears welling up in my eyes.Empathy or pity?

The fact is that i knew that our mess workers had been facing problems and that there would be a general air of gloom around them.

Could i really read his face?or what i saw was what i knew to be true?
Was my empathy a sudden realization or was it the accumulation of whatever feelings of sympathy i had been carrying in my heart for some amount of time.

Can any person in this world actually know what the other is thinking by just their expressions or do we only see what we want to see.
Is it perception or presumption?



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