खोयी हुई उस रौशनी को

Nothing can begin to describe the horror of the crimes committed recently in my city..
This is a tribute to not only the victim who died this time but to all those nameless and faceless women who have suffered.
I wish i could help..


इस दर्द कि सिमटी चादरों  मे आज चुप बैठी हुइ
एक आवाज़ पुकारती है
डर लगता है आज अकेले बाहर निकलने मे
कही रोक न ले ये आंधियां  साँस मेरी
उस खामोश नजर ने कुछ न बिगाड़ा था किसी का
क्यों छीन ली उससे उसकी रौशनी
मशरूफ हो जाएंगे सब अपनी जिन्दगी मे कुछ दिनो मे
कौन याद रखेगा उसकी दिल देह्लाने वाली चीखें

आज बाहर  खिली धूप मे
उस रात का अन्धेरा छुपा है
जिस रात गुमनाम गलियों  मे खोइ एक मासूम जान थी

अश्कोन के ज़ोर  मे छुपा इस ज़ालिम  दुनिया का
एक ऐसा भयावह चेहरा है
जिसकी रनजिश करके भी  हम कुछ न हासिल कर पाएंगे आज

english (its wont be the same but i hope i can get the message across)

Wrapped in the blanket of pain
a voice calls from underneath..
I m scared to go out today..
scared that i wont return..

Those silent eyes had not caused anyone pain
Why did they lose their glow..
in a few days everyone will get busy in their own lives
how will her heartrending screams be remembered..

In the sun’s warm glow outside
is hidden the darkness of that night
when the innocence of a girl was lost in
the unknown lanes of horror..

Hidden in the force of tears is
such a horrific face of this world..
That complaining against it wont get us anywhere..


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