I was watching this small boy play football in the park.He was trying to imitate his father while trying to kick the ball and was doing it wrong.It was a very funny sight and i started laughing aloud.
He turned towards me and gave me a shy smile.Then turned back and started playing again.
I don’t know what it would have made you guys think about.
But you know what it brought to my mind?The recent spate of rape cases in the city.Mostly the gang rape case where a girl was beaten up and raped in a bus while her male companion who tried to protest was beaten up brutally.

Why you ask?Why this innocent child brought to my mind such a horrendous crime..

Because looking at that boy look towards me it came to me with force how the corruption of mind is the lead factor behind rapes.
When that boy looked at me.. he saw possibly an elder sister figure or a mother figure.Because that’s how he has seen women around him till now.
When he imitated his father in his manner he was doing what he is possibly going to do for the rest of his life.
If his father treats his mother with respect,his daughter with the same love as he does his son.
The son is going to grow up doing the same.

If he doesn’t..

Rape is the gruesome result of a patriarchal society where men are taught by their parents,grandparents that he is the master.
The lord.He can control.

She laid down with her empty eyes
Closing them would bring to her the horrors again
Of the day gone by
When she had screamed and fought all in vain.
When she had come across a beast
Disguised in human form


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