Why Lord Shiva earns respect part 2

I know it has been a bit too long since part 1 came but well my college’s cultural fest was going on and i was truly busy having fun 😀

But i would like to end what i started so i will continue with the second story of Shiva which i heard that day.
For reminders i went to a dance performance by Padmavibhushan Dr. Sonal Man Singh where she told a few folklores about Shiva which are not heard that often.

Shiva is a bit of an ascetic.He spends most of his time meditating.
I think its pretty understandable why it would make his wife a teeny weeny bit upset!
Especially a newly married one

After Shiva and Parvati’s marriage Parvati shifted to Mount kailasha
                                                            Mount kailasha

The abode of Lord Shiva.
Now you have to give it to Ma Parvati.
What would she do living on the top of a mountain which is covered with snow,has no malls or markets and not even a tv?!
And the worst part of it being that her husband is meditating most of the time!
So understandably after a few days of her marriage, she got frustrated and decided to go back to her parents home.
When Shiva realized what was happening he tried to stop her but Parvati was adamant and left in a huff.
Shiva was left alone.
After a few days of having a bruised male ego he decided that it was of no use.He couldn’t just let her go.Without Parvati the dynamic aspect ,Shiva was completely static.

So he packed his bags and started moving towards his in-laws place.

When he reached there he saw Parvati from a distance.She was taking a walk with her friends.Laughing and chatting animatedly.
Shiva got a mischievous idea in his head.

He disguised himself as a mochi i.e a shoemaker and made a beautiful pair of shoes.
Well.. women and footwear we all know.Obviously Shiva had some idea about women 🙂

He took those shoes and stopped Parvati in her path.
Now Parvati was Shiva’s wife in Kailasha but at her parents place she was a princess and a mere commoner stopping her in her path was a bit of an impertinence. Parvati was visibly offended but Shiva in the form of shoemaker convinced her to take a look at his wares.
Parvati finally agreed to do so and Shiva took out the pair of shoes from his bag.
All of Parvati’s friends got really excited on seeing such an exceptionally beautiful piece of footwear and encouraged her to try on those.
Shiva could see the unconstrained excitement on Parvati’s face and smiled inwardly.

Parvati slowly started slipping her foot in the shoes.As Shiva helped her to do it ,he slowly caressed her feet.
Parvati jumped back and looked angrily at him.
Shiva bowed down his head and apologized for his impudence.
Mollified,Parvati again started to wear the shoes.Again Shiva caressed her feet softly.
This time highly offended ,Parvati stood back and looked angrily at this highly brazen shoemaker.
Before Parvati could start shouting at him Shiva revealed himself to her and stood in front of her with a bowed head.
He pleaded with her ,asking her to come back .When he raised his head he saw a laughing Parvati standing in front of him.
He had succeeded in winning her back.

See how many different facets of Shiva can be seen in this story.Ofcourse the main theme being his love for Pravati and his readiness to go to any lengths for her.But there is also the significance of him disguising himself as a mochi i.e a shoemaker.Belonging to the lower rung of the Indian caste hierarchy.Obviously if a Lord is ready to be one we humans are not anyone to discriminate are we?

You dont need to be a believer to hear Shiva’s stories or read about them.
You just need to see the essence of what his stories signify.

The presence of benevolence and the ability to be fearsome in the same person.

Dispassion in the form of meditation such that he has no idea about whats happening.
Passion in the form of tandava so great that it has the ability to destroy the world.

Shiva comes from the sanskrit word Siva which means pure.And that is what he is.
Pure doesnt mean moral.Pure just means true.
And that he surely is.


8 thoughts on “Why Lord Shiva earns respect part 2

  1. Nice!! Had forgotten all about this until I opened my wordpress account today. Well written. 🙂 But I like the part 1 of this 2 part rant ;-). Your writing in the earlier part was very fluid, as if words were flowing from the tips of your fingers. Having said that are you gonna do a part 3 too?

    1. Thanks 🙂
      Ya i liked part 1 better too 😛 i had just seen the thing and come back that time..that’s why!
      No part 3 of this..but i think i am gonna start a small series of mythological stories..talking about all the stories that interest me..should be fun!

  2. In moments of anguish…i remember my grandmother used to say “Bhole ka bhola”
    dat bholenath is always there to take care of innocent people…and that strengthens me alot
    Jai bholenath
    and I completely agree wid arpi 🙂
    wish there was part 3 too!!

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