A chance

We all have regrets in our life.
Moments where we have done something impulsively and regretted them later on.
Moments where we have taken decisions which have been well thought over and still
regretted them.

My dad always gives me this advice and i quote.
“One thing you should never do in your life is regret your decisions.When you took the
decision you had something in your mind.According to the time and situation then
Remember that and face the consequences.Good or bad.

I can be a very impulsive person at times.I take my decisions in the heat of the moment
and think about them later.
Then i wish i had a do over and secretly wish for a time machine.

But then at times i look back at them and think about all i would have missed
out on if those decisions hadn’t been taken.

The thought scares me.

I think its very unlikely that any thing we decide to do has only bad consequences
it might be that the bad outweighs the good.
But it has to have something.

So many times we keep holding ourselves back from doing something because we are scared.
Scared of hurting others.Scared of judgement.Scared of being hurt.

You cant live life scared.It would become boring!

So go out and give yourself a chance today!

If you have found a hundred reasons for holding back ..find one to move forward
and grab it.

Be happy.Grab the golden ball of opportunity and just go for it.
Nobody can guarantee that it will turn out for the good.

But then nobody can say it wont.

Give yourself a chance to be happy.Yes you may end up on the wrong side but isn’t the
prospect of it turning in your favor much more exciting.

So just go out and follow your heart.If that is what will bring magic in your life
why not?

It might not turn out the way you want it to
but it will save you from the painful regret of
What if…


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