Sleepless nights


There are morning people and night people.Larks and Owls they are called.
I do love the nighttime but still i am not exactly a night person.
I mean by 12 i am sleepy usually and i am not really an early riser too!
8-9 is my usual waking up time.I do love sleeping which you would have realized by now 😀

But this post is dedicated to those nights which i have stayed up!Fighting my devil of sleep.
The whole night.Not a wink of sleep.Going to sleep only after the sun has crossed the horizon!

Of course some of them have been forced you know..when i have been sick or someone in my family .
Even marriages.

But here i am going to talk about those few but great nights where i have been awake due to my own will.

The last day of my first year in college me and my friends decided that we were not gonna sleep at all.
Ofcourse our resolve was strengthened by the fact that non of us had any mattresses to lay on.
Trust me hard wooden beds are not kind to your back!

So well we decided we were not going to sleep at all.We gathered all the necessary supplies.
Food ..loads of food!Bottles of coke and a laptop with its hard disk full of movies.

I am proud to say that i was the only one who did not sleep at all that night 😀 the rest of my friends slipped in and out of sleep but i did not close my eyes once!
It was a great night 🙂 the movies..the food and the most priceless of all.Our endless laughter !

The other memorable nights i have spent have had one common factor.Me talking to one person for the whole night.
I know most of you would have had those nights.
Some special friend ..a special someone.. might have been you sisters,brothers,cousins!
I know i have had such memories with my cousins..Telling them all the new gossip of my life listening to theirs.Laughing and Bugging our mothers for food.

I recently spent a whole night talking to a friend of mine.
We talked till the wee hours of the morning.And my unbearable sleep the next morning was totally worth it!
In the process of talking about our old memories we created a new one.And a great one!

My sleep is one of those things which i cant control.
But i have done it for some great people in my life.People with whom those nights have been been as beautiful as weeks of fun.

So heres a toast ..

“To those sleepless nights ..which shine brighter than many cloudy days “


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