Sherlock Holmes

when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?  


Sherlock Holmes.Cool ,suave and sexy.

What is it about him that the Sherlock holmes stories are considered a milestone in crime detective fiction?
What is his charm that his stories have been depicted in different media throughout the world and each have been a success in itself?
They have been reinvented ,adapted but have had one thing in common.The socially inept but absolutely brilliant detective with his trusted sidekick and chronicler Dr.Watson.The latest example being the series Sherlock on BBC.

I am not a great fan of the Guy ritchie movies.In themselves the movies are good.I mean Robert downey jr is great as this weird detective with fantastic abilities  but somehow he is not Sherlock to me.


I think Cumberbatch in the Sherlock series is much more believable. In spite of the fact that the whole setting has been changed and the stories have been dramatised and adapted to the modern world.Somehow his whole crazy obsessive and vain portrayal is very appealing and Sherlocky to me!


I have read all of the Holmes novels atleast twice or thrice.And they haven’t failed even once to astound me by their brilliance.I just cant explain what is in his cold and unemotional countenance that attracts me so much to this character.I guess its just his genius.

Although i do feel that his socially unacceptable behavior has been a bit exaggerated in canon.
In the novels in spite of not being circumspect to giving in to human emotions he is still shown as the perfect gentleman.He is at his worst and his best both with Watson.But in the outside world until he is challenged he does not show off his skills or his insensitivity!

In novels Hound of the Baskervilles is the best Holmes for me.It is scary,creepy has a great villain a great mystery and a totally believable solution.And in short stories The adventure of the copper breeches.It again has a very interesting explanation to its mystery and i kind of liked the girl in it.But then Irene Adler was the woman for Holmes !The only woman who got under his skin.

Any discussion of Holmes is incomplete without the mention of his arch nemesis Dr.Moriarty.One of the greatest ,smartest and scariest Villains of all time.Reading about the love hate relation between them where they both respected each other for their talents and each believed that the other was wasting them was a great treat.I felt bad when he died as i believed that he was the only villain who compared to the mind of the Great detective.And well he introduced us to a new profession to that of a consulting criminal !
He was a sophisticated criminal who made all the bad things happen without dirtying his hands himself.

Sherlock Holmes was the one who got me hooked to mystery novels and i have never looked back since.And i have read so many of them ..modern and classic but nothing compares to the charm Mr.Sherlock Holmes holds for me..He taught me the power of observing things rather than seeing them.I still have the habit of trying to guess people’s professions in a public place.I daresay that i must be wide off the mark half of the time but then it gives me something to do 😀
I end with saying that what i admire the most in Holmes stories is his passion for his work.He might not be knowing that the Earth revolves around the Sun but he sure did make criminal word spin according to his wishes!

 “The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.”


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