I was once taking a personality quiz.Evaluating your answers it  gave you a score and told you your personality traits.The higher score you had the better your personality sounded on paper.I soon discovered that which answers gave you a higher score.There was this question where they had asked what time of the day you liked the best?

I always answered it with night time..and it had the least points 🙂

Maybe its based in the usual superstition that night time is the time of the dark creatures.Ghosts ,vampires etc etc.

But i think that nighttime brings you the best part of the really dont see the moon or the stars in daytime do you?

A full moon shining in the night sky is always a breathtaking sight.Romantic,serene just gorgeous 🙂

You can sit under the nightsky and stare at the stars for hours ..if you are an astronomy enthusiast you coud trace out the constellations ,look out for the planets and if you are not you could just make up your own the dog or the cat ..or anything stupid like that.

Ya ofcourse in the city nowadays you hardly get to see the stars..but do this exercise..find a high rise building in your city and maybe just borrow a pair of strong binoculars..its great fun trust me..
When you see the infinite sky stretching before you ..its a marvel no doubt 🙂
And if you are not really an outside person could just look at the sky through the windows of you room.
Maybe listen to some nice music and just enjoy the calm ..
People perceive darkness as a negative thing.. i see darkness as calm .. when you have nothing to look at sound to hear have nothing  to hurt you.
And for all the darkness phobic people out there ..dont worry you have the moon 🙂
Its less yes..but have you observed that less light actually brings things into perspective..
You can see the silhouttes ..every line every angle is clearly visible to you

Hear the music of the night ..
silent yet melodious..
You see the darkness of the night..
but you fail to see how the moon lights up the sky..
Close your eyes and absorb the calm surrounding you..
Let the stars guide you home..


8 thoughts on “Night

  1. Beauteous dear….I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day. The sparkles of innumerable stars and moonlight..seems to be one of the most adorable sculpture of nature 🙂
    And so splendid u write…..alluring ❤

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