Being left out

You can walk in a crowd and still feel totally alone..cliched but true.
You can also walk in a group of four people all of whom you know and still  feel alone!

Let me clarify here that i don’t have some specific incident in my mind while  writing this.I am just thinking of that cold sinking feeling you have in your heart when you are in a group and you feel that nobody cares..

I am not a very sensitive person.I dont take offences at the smallest jokes cracked at me and i am happy with other people talking..but there often comes a time when i am with a group of my friends and i feel i dont belong..t
Its like those times when we used to play when we were kids and suddenly all of your friends were grouping against you.And you feel like crying and complaining to your mom(or in some cases their moms)

Sometimes its my mistake because i don’t care enough to make an effort .I expect other people to understand..sometimes because i am too involved in my own.thoughts to pay attention!By the time i come back the conversation leaves me behind 🙂
There is no particular reason i am writing this.Its just for that feeling when i feel i don’t belong …Not here not there not anywhere.As if am from some other planet mind working on a different plane altogether!

Well its just one of those days i guess ..will pass like everything else.
Till then cheers to those conversations where you feel left a misfit.They make you realize for what you crave the most !


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