Running away

Running away.

The easy thing to do always.Closing your eyes and mind to evrything that is happening  around you.You can also start humming if that helps you!To each his own 🙂
I have always prided myself on being a courageous person.I am not scared of any particular thing as such …Darkness,water,insects or snakes even! Although cockroaches do gross me out ..except that ya dere is nothing that makes me run screaming out of the room with my hands on my head..(The significance of this hand gesture eludes me to this day..why the head?why not the heart or something?!)
Coming back to my musings ..  i am not a wimpy person.I am daddy’s strong little girl 😀
But yes ..there are times when i close myself to everything wrong going around me.I am sure most of you have gone through this phase when you know something not right is going around you but you keep on avoiding facing it like the plague.
You dont talk about it.
You dont think about it.
You remove everything from your life that reminds you of that situation
And if that thing requires your immediate attention you keep on delaying it thinking that you will take your  own sweet time.

I do that a lot.Like a lot lot.I just clam up like an oyster and then dont say anything to anyone.But then when i break..its a pretty ugly sight.

I dont know what to say about this whole situation you know.Dont have any golden words to share,no wonderful advice to give.I am a person who believes in preaching only what i practice..There are times i falter.Everyone does..but then i change my preachings too:)
So this time i have nothing to say.I hope everyone who reads this has a better way of dealing with their dissapointments..
Even though i do that ..i still know that running away is not the solution.Image


3 thoughts on “Running away

  1. Yeah…my ways of dealing are lil diff and lil same 🙂
    But closing urself from somethings (the wrong ones) is not alwaz RUNNING AWAY…
    Sometimes that is the SOLUTION 🙂
    depends… 🙂

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