Once there was a young girl named Cindrella who lived happily with her parents in a small town.Her father was a a succesful trader and her life was going comfortably.Tragedy struck their small family when her mother died in a car crash.Cindrella was only 5 at that time and could not even grasp properly that she had lost her mother.She didnt.. until her father got a new one.A step-mom.

This step mom got with her two step sisters too .Cindrella was scared. She had heard stories about step moms being cruel to their children. And when her step mother gave her a sickly sweet smile all her fears were confirmed.

20 years later..

Today was the D-day.The school prom night. The night where the most popular guy of the school ,James was going without a date and hence every girl had a chance to dance with him.

But Cindrella was sad..she couldn’t go as her mother had given her work to do.With tears in her eyes she saw her two step sisters get ready.As they wore beautiful dresses and shiny heels,she could do nothing but stare at them with coldness enveloping her heart.

She watched her sisters get on to the limo from the window in her room.’Cinderella sweetheart,you better start with you work instead of wasting your time.’her step mother called from the other room.

With a heavy heart she turned around and got back to those things which at this moment she completely despised.

‘Cinderella..psst..cindy’.Cinderella looked up to find her best friend Kyla sticking her face at the window of her room.’What are you doing here?arent you supposed to be at the prom?’Cinderella whispered back.’I would answer you better if you let me in!’ said Kyla.

With a worried glance around her Cindy let Kyla in slowly.’Here is your dress!’ said Kyla as she threw a gorgeous black dress on Cindy’s bed..’And i think these heels will do’.’she said said staring at her own feet.’What are you saying?I am not allowed to go you know that!’said Cindy with fear in her voice.Its time you get your fun!! said Kyla and started pushing the dress towards her.

“But what if mother finds out?”

“Dont worry!My mother is organising a get together of the ladies in the neibhourhood and i made sure that she invites your mom to it.She wont be coming before 12 i assure you”.

“How can i ever thank you for this Kyla?!”.

“By just getting on this damn dress and going!!Now rush…be sure you have fun..but get back before 12!”

Cinderella hugged Kyla hurriedly with tears of happiness in her eyes and rushed to get ready.

Every eye in the hall turned to look at her as she entered the Hall.She looked so different.So beautiful.

Jame’s eyes were no different.He leaped up to her and offered his hand to her to dance with him.

Cindy was surprised and pleased.She did not hesitate at all and went with him to the dance floor.

Cindy spent the most beautiful night of her life dancing with him.People looked at them enviously as they pranced around the floor gracefully.

As she peacefully laid her head on his shoulder,James asked her the question she dreaded the most

“Who are you beautiful girl?Why havent i seen you before?”

“Maybe you have just did not recogonise me”.

As james stared at her ..she saw the clock strike 11:55..

“I need to go”.

“But wait..tell me your name atleast”

“I am sorry.I need to go.”

As she ran ..her heel broke and her ankle twisted.

“oh no!” she said and hurriedly threw off her sandal.

James saw that and ran towards her. “You left your sandal! “he shouted towards her but by then she had already disappeared in the shadows.

At home

“Cinderella..I hope you have been doing your work sincerely” said her mother.
“yes mother”replied Cindy meekly while her heart beat wildly as she pushed her remaining sandal under the bed.
“Good girl!” said her stepmom and left the room.

Tired and her hurt ankle killing her Cindy fell into a deep slumber

Morning 10:00 am
Cindy woke up to a shrill voice yelling ..”Mother is going to kill you sister.Do you know what time it is?” said her younger step sister.

“Oh no its 10 o clock.I have missed it.My life is  ruined what will I do now ?” cindy cried tears filling her eyes.”Why did no one wake me up?” shouted Cinderella.
“Sister you know that mother had an early morning shift.That is why she said that you are  responsible to wake up today yourself”’reminded her younger sister.
“I am doomed” said Cindy in a gloomy voice.

“What are you doing in the house?” exclaimed her mother as she entered the room.

“I am sorry mother…I …I ..” Cindy broke down.

“You had the most important event of your life today!Your  Common entrance exam for engineering and you missed it by sleeping ?!” her mother practically shouted.

“I am sorry mother ankle hurts ..i was too tired by all the dancing yesterday….” Cindy muttered.

“What happened to your ankle? Wait..what dancing?”.

“I went to the prom mother..i am so sorry.”.

“There was a reason why  I prohibited you from going to the prom yesterday.You were supposed to study and then get a full night’s sleep!”

“I am sorry mother..i thought I would get my prince charming last night ..but I paid a very big price for it.I am sorry..please forgive me.I love you..” cried Cindy

“Oh child..what do I say? Life is not a Fairytale”

Moral:Don’t mess with your acads and All step mothers aren’t bad!


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  1. suvi

    you haavent written for so many days????
    have u stopped or something like that
    i miss these awesome blogs 😦

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