My room


Thats the room i was alloted when i entered this college.There is nothing special about this room.No horror stories attached,nothing written on the walls and no great person has lived in this room.
Its just a normal room on the first floor ..our wing starts from here.
The first person who entered the room after it was allotted to me was my younger sister ..who went running at a high speed towards the room ..went inside and came back at the same speed.She then whispered to me ‘I saw your roomie(roommate).She is nice.”.Laughing in a superior manner and commenting sarcastically that how could she judge a book by its cover i entered the room.I saw my roomie standing there with a smile on her face.
Now let me clarify here that i m a very inexpressive person.I later on learnt that my roommate at that moment thought that i would be ‘weird’ and ‘arrogant’.But the truth was that i was really excited on seeing her!!I love meeting new people and here was another one i could unravel!At that moment the only thing going on my mind was that ‘please god let her be a nice person!’.
I would like to say here that i have not been disappointed (:P this ones for you roomie).But here i am going to talk about the room and not the people living in it!
Then after excitedly speaking something rubbish and making a complete fool of myself i turned to scrutinize the room.The room was of a fairly good size and the walls were a weird blue.Ah well ..what do you expect from a hostel room!But then it did have a balcony ..which was like a luxury!
My roommate had already taken the window side so i began laying down my stuff on the other side.My mother was there to help me out and basically she was the one who did all the setting up.. While i tried hard not to run in the corridors shouting or sliding down the railing with my sister.I love doing that but it did not seem a very smart thing to do at that time.It would possibly have scared off all my future friends 😀
The first thing i learnt about my sweet room in the morning was that it had an automatic built in alarm system.
At the crack of the dawn sunlight pierced my eyelids and the peacocks sitting on the tree just outside the balcony started having a gay time.I woke up with a shock and told my mum that this room seriously needs curtains.It did get them though at almost the end of the year and that too by the efforts of my roommate.

That was my first experience with this room.
As the days went on i got so busy with college life that the only thing i did in my room was sleeping.There are times when i used to wake up at night feeling that i was back in my ‘own’ room room at home.9201 felt like a stranger to me.Like a hotel room which i was being forced to stay in.
But over time this room has became ‘my’ room..’our’ room (me and my roommate’s).Me and my friends have such great memories in this room.Watching movies while chatting at the top of our voices,playing songs and singing along,dancing,eating hot maggi,crunching on chips and cribbing about gaining weight,tickling each other to death and having innumerable photo sessions.This room is possibly the ‘it’ place of my friend circle 😀
Today i love this room.And it will surely make me sad as i leave this one in my second year and move on to a strange one.But then that is life!
You know they say home is where the heart is.And that is what has precisely happened with 9201.To an outsider it might just seem like a normal hostel room.Drab and plain.But to me and my roommate,this is our home here.This is the place we actually mean when we tell our professor ..’i am sorry sir/ma’am.i left my assignment at home.’


9 thoughts on “My room

  1. The Joker

    Good lord, you keep impressing me with your writing skills 🙂 Damn I couldn’t have written that much even If I owned a Mansion on an island 😛 Very Impressive… And Is there any chance for us readers to know “How” you made a complete fool of yourself on the first day? 😛

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