Letter to someone special

dedicated to that special friend in your life..your best friend …your soul sister or your bro 😀

Dear ‘Special’ Friend,

From where do i start this letter?’How are you?’ does not fit here you see..because i possibly know better that how you really are than you yourself do!
A ‘hey there’  seems fine at this moment 🙂

Today i have sat down to express all that i feel about this special relation i share with you.A relation which stretches beyond all boundaries.A relation that is defined by you and by me.

I am not going to sit here and tell you all those cliche’d things that- you have always been there for me when i needed  you,always stood by me ..you have always been there to share my joys and pains etc.
I think the moment my heart agreed on you being a friend of mine these things became accounted for..These are not big things these are the small ones.These are the ones every friend can do for another.

But you-you are different for me.

You are the friend who did not leave me alone even when you were unneeded.You bore my bad moods,sad faces even if you did not know the reason.Who scolded me when i cribbed endlessly about life.I did not need to SHARE  my joy with you because you have been a part of each of them.
I wont thank you for all this.Because i don’t need to.
You are special because of this only.Every step of my life you have not held my hand but just walked with me ..maybe just putting a hand on my arm when i stumbled..just a light shove when i hesitated to move forward…a slight squeeze on my hand when i felt dejected .. that’s it!
What is there to thank about? 🙂
Today i promise you that i will always take you for granted as i do right now.Will keep on hurting u again and again knowing that you will take me back.Will jabber endlessly to you about how happy i am even if you have no idea of what i am talking about.Will get angry at you and wont even tell you the reason.Then when you dont understand will grudgingly start talking to you normally.
But most of all i promise you that i myself will be all those things which you have been to me..

Yours sincerely,

A ‘Special’ Friend



14 thoughts on “Letter to someone special

  1. The Joker

    I can’t figure out who is the luckier one amongst you and your special friend… Although I don’t know either of you that much to make a judgement… but still, You are luckier if your special friend still stays after all those promises 😛 they are deadly aint they?… All the best bro(Special friend)…

  2. The Joker

    🙂 I never said anything more… I just know its a guy… Somethings don’t need logic or reasons..you just know..and yes a guy and a gal can b just friends or special friends without being lovers 🙂 so I believe you 🙂

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