I love the rains.Simply love them.That fresh earthy smell,the leaves which appear even greener and the absolutely clear sky.I don’t care if they make the roads muddy or insects come out or people get wet..Rains are simply wonderful!
There is unparalleled romance in the air during the rainy season.The soft winds,the feeling of the soft drizzle on your skin.There is no word for it! 🙂

I can watch the rains for hours straight listening to songs..singing along with them and if mother is kind enough a plate of steaming hot pakodas!!Trust me nothing compares to rains+hot pakodas+green chutney!

Today i was walking with my mother and sister in the park while it was drizzling.I was more at peace then i have been in days.It was tranquil just seeing the normality of life around you.As i saw old people going for walks,kids playing football,people sitting on benches doing nothing.Life felt as it is supposed to.Happy and peaceful.Afterwards as we had the conventional choco bar i couldn’t help smiling at the simplicity of it all.

We keep looking for happiness in success,money,fame even people.
But all it really takes is just a bit of rain + a chocobar 😛

Well i hope you find your own simple happiness equation:)

Till den Adios!


14 thoughts on “Simple

  1. Shivam

    i’ve tried rains+hot pakodas! awesome! 😀
    never tried rain + a chocobar! will surely give it a try!
    best part…people sitting on benches doing nothing! 😛

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