Harry Potter.There will be a few people of my generation who have not had Harry as a part of their life growing up.
I,myself was introduced to this magical world by my dad and i have never turned back since.

I remember being 11 when my i read my frst HP book and the next thing i knew..i was a witch who was going to be called to this secret magical on my next birthday.So what if they had missed my 11th one?! It happened a bit differently in the real world 😀

 I have no qualms in admitting that i was crazy ,absolutely mad about Hp.I read the books day and night,hid them in my school books,read them under sheets with a torch.At one point of time my mother got so fed up that she threatened to lock them away if i did not control this addiction.
The fear of losing Harry made me put a grip on myself but it could never lessen my devotion to him!
Waiting for the next book was such an exciting time.Waiting to see what Harry would do next in his fight against Voldemort ..or if Ron and Hermione would finally get together ::D.

Although i did watch the movies and appreciated them they could never ever compare with the magical world i had built for my Harry.I was lucky that i read the book before i saw the first movie because in my imagination Harry,Ron and Hermione are very different from the actors playing these parts.Diagon Alley is different,hogwarts is different and somehow He who must not be named is scarier!

Jk Rowling might not be Shakespeare but she sure did give a great companion to all those book worms out there!A character who was brave,selfless and very human at the same time even if being in a supernatural world.
Today Harry might have finished his journey with the last book but for every Potter fan out there,every HP book even if read for the umpteenth time is a new journey altogether.Into that mystical world where the true magic is actually the magic of Love 🙂


11 thoughts on “Magic..

  1. The Joker

    The feeling of being a Harry Potter fan..very well told… I read it first at the age of 12 and I thought for 3 continuous years that next year… Still, at this very moment, a very tiny illogical part inside me says maybe after graduation when I’m more ready 😛

      1. arpita

        i am a HP fan jct coz of you guys… 🙂 n its realy one of the things m proud of yall..amazing article… love hp ❤

  2. The Joker

    Damn yes… its magic.. Its the greatest imaginative piece ever… and I dunno how people can say that “this does not exist in real”… After all its all so fitting… every logic that JK has used fits perfectly to the possibility of one such world.. To imagine things like Quidditch, Triwizard Tournament, Apparition, Mad-Eye, Horcruxes and at last the Deathly Hallows.. Thats sheer genius…

    1. I completely agree with you!Thats what i said right that even though Harry is in a magical world …he seems so real 🙂 You actually feel that yes it could happen!and u never know it might be.. we just dont know about it 🙂

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