Happy place


Failure … its such a sad word..such an encompassing one..not meeting your intended goal..
but what defines our intended objective..?Our own expectations ? other’s hopes from us?
When does it push you so far down that you feel that you are never going to get up again..
But most importantly when do you let it become such an important factor that it can give you that twist in your gut ..those unctrolled tears in your eyes..When you feel like destroying something because you know you wanted it so bad and still u did not get it..
I consider myself a very optimistic person ..but there are times when dejection gets to me..when i feel like whatever i have done is not enough to make me feel happy about myself…i wantto do more..make everyone feel proud about me..see respect in everyone’s eyes when they talk to me..
There is that happy place in everyone’s minds where they are successful in every way they want to be..Everythings just the way you thought !

So here’s cheers to that happy place in your mind!
Hope that wherever you are..whatever you do…That happy place is never very far from you 🙂 



2 thoughts on “Happy place

  1. anshul

    🙂 those who r dedicated for something no matter how many times they fail initially..ultimately they get wht they want..infinite failures dsnt count once u get wht u desire

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