Where it ends …

Every path that you walk on is leading somewhere…
All the milestones you cross by..
All  the faces you pass…
Some make you stop …some you ignore ..
But they plot your way as u move on..

How many times do you pause..and think..
is this what i want? 
is this what i deserve?

Are these the contours ..of my life..

You walk ..you fall..you stumble and you get up again..
just walking on that endless path which may lead you somewhere ..

It just might be an endless road with nothing in view…
A dark abyss with blackness.. 

Or it might lead you to the beauty you always wanted to see..

The bright colors  of happiness ..laughter echoing all around…
sunshine and gladness…

So do you know where it all ends…or

where do you start again?


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